Ride With Richter

Support Alex (AJ) Richter’s journey to independence and be able to ride again.

​ AJ was pursuing his passion for riding when he had a devastating accident changing his life forever. Fractured vertebrae in his neck & spinal cord damage has resulted in paralysis.

His positive outlook & mental strength to overcome adversity, coupled with the unwavering support of family, friends and the community, is setting a path for his independence, continuing his education and one day riding again.

Watch the video made by Reel Story that brings to life the journey AJ and his family have been on.

Our Mission

Ride With Richter’s mission is to raise awareness and funds to allow AJ to achieve his independence and one day ride again

Our Events

From large fundraising events to small intimate trivia nights, we have a number of events scheduled... Check them out


A massive thank you to all the friends, family and community who have and continue to support AJ.

Ride With Richter’s goal is to raise funding which will allow AJ to regain his independence | return to home | continue with rehab therapies | complete his education | and live his best life.

AJ's wishlist includes:

FAMILY CAR - $35,000

$35,000 will modify a car so AJ can ride with the family


$185,000 to construct a bedroom and an accessible bathroom for AJ in the family home


$40,000 to automate the doors, lights and blinds in parts of the family home that AJ will be using

IN-HOME LIFT - $65,000

$65,000 to add a lift to the family home giving AJ access to all areas of his home

STREET RAMP - $10,000

$10,000 to construct a suitable grade ramp from the street to the family home


$1,000 will purchase AJ a height adjustable desk for his bedroom to complete his schoolwork


$15,000 to buy an Electric Batec Commuter to radically improve AJ’s mobility

IN-HOME GYM - $3,500

$3,500 will allow AJ to buy an in-home cable weights gym for ongoing strength training


$3,000 for driving lessons with an occupational therapist

I am working hard every day to improve my strength and mobility. I am learning to be independent and am inspired by my peers and support crew… Every movement I regain is a huge step

- AJ -

AJ's Story

Learn more about AJ's remarkable journey