Ride in the family car

A family car will need to be converted to allow AJ to access the community, attend social gatherings, get to and from school, medical appointments, therapy sessions and generally travel with his family.

The cost to modify a car for AJ to be able to ride in is $35,000.

AJ currently has to use Taxi’s to get around which often means waiting times and inconsistency with his travel arrangements.

Ride the in-home lift

AJ will be returning to the family home to live at the end of June 2020 (9 months after his accident).

To give AJ access into his family home a suitable lift will need to be installed.

$65,000 will add a lift and allow him to access all areas of his home.

*Photo is not actual and is an example only

Ride his wheelchair

AJ’s wheelchair gives him independence. However, his mobility is limited, and he cannot embrace the life he once knew.

An Electric Batec Commuter connects to the front of a manual wheelchair and turns it into an electric bike and greatly improves his mobility and freedom.

Specially designed quad handlebars and braking mechanism allows AJ to be an independent person in a safe controlled manner. Suitable for use at school, shopping centres, sporting venues it is a life changing device. Watch the video to learn more about the Batec Commuter.

$15,000 will buy this life changing device.

AJ's new bedroom & bathroom

AJ will be returning to the family home to live at the end of June 2020 (9 months after his accident). AJ’s bedroom is not suitable for his needs anymore.

The family home will require a purpose designed and built extension costing approximately $185,000 specifically for AJ’s use and includes a bedroom, bathroom and lift-well to connect to the ground floor area.

Home automation

Turning on a light, opening a door or closing a blind in the family home for someone in a wheelchair with limited hand movements can often be an impossible task.

​Therefore, to make parts of the family home as accessible and as livable for AJ as possible, the Richter’s need to automate some of the most basic parts of the house.

$40,000 to automate the doors, lights and blinds in parts of the family home that AJ will be using.

Street ramp

AJ will be returning to the family home to live at the end of June 2020 (9 months after his accident).

Being able to safely access the family home from the street is essential for AJ’s independence and safety.

A purpose-built ramp costing $10,000 will need to be constructed from the street to the front door.

*Photo is not actual and is an example only

Height adjustable desk

AJ is looking forward to completing his school studies and going on to university. To achieve his educational dream, AJ needs a desk which will accommodate his wheelchair.

$1,000 will buy an electric height adjustable desk which will enable AJ to comfortably study in his own space.

In-home cable gym

While many of us are conditioning our muscles when we walk to the bus or carry the shopping, AJ needs to continually work his muscles to not only maintain their condition but also for his bone density.

AJ needs to consistently spend hours each day working on specific muscle groups just to keep his body well.

$3,500 will buy an in-home cable weights gym to help AJ’s strength training.

*Photo is not actual and is an example only

Driving lessons

One of AJ’s dreams is to regain independence by being able to drive the family car. To do so, AJ will need specialized driving lessons by an occupational therapist.

$3,000 will allow AJ to have driving lessons with an occupational therapist which will enable him to live his life to the fullest.

Your support drives AJ to one day ride again